26-27 September 2020 (SAT/SUN) - Streaming to the Comfort of Your Own Home!
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Transform Your Life In One Weekend
If You feel Like It Wasn't Worth It, We'll Refund You

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Becoming The Millionaire Student 2020 Virtual Event
Re-Defining You, Your Business, Your Brand And
Net-Worth At The 2-Day VIRTUAL EVENT...

How We React Is Determined By What We Know... Right?

We Need To Know:

✔ How to BRAND ourselves and MARKET our products and services online/offline.

✔ How to NEGOTIATE, CLOSE and master the art of PERSUASION and SALES.

✔ How to have a ROCK SOLID mindset through the toughest times in the world.

✔ How to CUSTOMISE your pitch in 3 MINUTES for the right audience.

✔ How to MAXIMISE our brain as well as stay ahead with brain hacks.

✔ How to ADJUST to the new economy.

That's Why Sashin Created "Becoming The Millionaire Student Event"!

What Exactly Is The
"Becoming The Millionaire Student" Event?

✔ It's a 2-day immersive event that Sashin Govender and his expert speakers will be streaming from their houses to yours. 

✔ For the first time EVER at one event you will learn the HACKS, SECRETS, TECHNIQUES and PSYCHOLOGY behind your mind, brain, sales, negotiating, branding, marketing and much more.

✔ We know now is the MOST DIFFICULT and UNCERTAIN time in the economy due to various reasons, BUT we want YOU to have that underdog advantage over the world.

✔ This event will position you to be apart of the 1% of the world that earns 99% of the worlds income. Can you imagine that?

Featured Speakers:

On Top Of The Training...

On Top Of The Training...

You Will Also Have Access To


Over and above the 6 hours of training you'll be learning each day, we'll also be doing breakout sessions where you can network with other like minded entrepreneurs, give feedback and learn from each other in a private group.

Networking Always Leads To:

✔ Creating New Business Partnerships!

✔ Feeding Of Each Other's Energy And Knowledge.

✔ Expanding Your Network.

✔ Lifelong Friendships!

✔ And More!
Who Is The The Becoming The Millionaire Student Event Created For?

Now, You're Probably Wondering...

"How Much Will It Cost To Have Sashin, And Some Of The Top Entrepreneurs Entertain, Educate And Teach Their Secrets To You And Your Family For 2 Days...?'"

We Wanted To Do Something Special.

✔ Normally if you were to attend any of our LIVE events, it's $500 per person.

✔ That means, to bring the average family of 4 - Would cost you $2000!

✔ PLUS flights... Accomodation... Transport, Food and much more.

✔ But, since we're going to be streaming it LIVE into your home, or to your phone.

✔ And because I want YOU and YOUR business to THRIVE during these unpresidented times.

What If We Discount Your Ticket By 90%!?!

✔ Let me explain why:

✔ The conference costs $47 to attend (Normally $500)...

✔ BUT I truly want to make sure you LOVE it and LEARN from it...

✔ So, this is how it's going to work.

✔ You just put in your payment information to reserve your seat, save 90% now because we're going virtual, you also going to SAVE flights, transport, hotels and much more...

If For Some Reason You Decide That The Event Isn't For You,
Then On The Last Day, Sashin Will Give You A Special Email Address,
That You Can Email And Let Us Know That You Didn't
Think It Was Worth The $47...

If so, then we'll cancel your order, and you will be refunded.

Does that sound fair?

Cool...! (That way, you only pay if you feel it was worth your time and money!)

YES! I'm Ready To Ignite My Business, Mind And Life!

  NOTE: There Will Be NO REPLAYS!
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